Church services.

Contemporary. Casual. Informal. Friendly.

Service times:

Saturdays at 5pm

Anklamer Str. 31
10115 Berlin

Traffic Connections:
U8 Bernauer Straße
M1, Tram 12 Zionskirchplatz

Our meetings generally include:

Praise and Worship
(Singing with a Band) – We are excited about God, and it shows when we worship Him! So expect to see some hands being raised, some people singing with all their heart, and even some dancing. Before you know it, you might be joining in too! Praise and worship normally lasts for about 30 minutes.
Welcome, announcements, and offering
Normally we take 5 minutes to welcome visitors and give them a welcome pack. We also let everyone know about any upcoming events, and take up the offering (which as a visitor you do not have to feel obliged to give to).
Every Nation Kids
Before worship starts, the children leave to join the kids’ service. There is a mother’s room as well as separate rooms for children. During the kid’s service, a meal is served to the children. The service normally lasts about one and a half hours.

As a parent when you send your child to us you can expect your child to be loved and cared for, to learn something about God, and to have loads of fun. We also provide families with material that can help them learn vital lessons for the future.

A Bible-based message that is practical and relevant to our lives will then be given. The message normally lasts for about 45 minutes.
Ministry time
At the end of the service the leaders are always available to pray for people’s needs, as well as to answer questions that people may have.
Fellowship and a Meal
After our service we normally hang out and catch up where there is a meal and coffee.

Our service lasts for about one and a half hours.

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